2018 Edition - Sperm Whale Skeleton - Heavyweight Recycled Matte Paper Fine Art Print A3

2018 Edition - Sperm Whale Skeleton - Heavyweight Recycled Matte Paper Fine Art Print A3

1. Reaching depths of over 9,500 ft. the sperm whale is one of the deepest diving marine mammals in the world.
2. Sperm whales are well-known for their diet which consists of giant squid, which are known for being able to grow to lengths of over 40 ft. long.
3. Because the sperm whale often hunts for its food in pitch black waters echolocation allows them to maintain complete awareness of their surrounds using sound.
4. Some people believe the sperm whale is the only whale with a throat large enough to swallow a human, however due to their deep hunting behaviors its likely they would never run into a person while searching for food.
5. Because the sperm whale is a marine mammal it requires oxygen to breathe. The water that spouts from its blowhole is simply water that has accumulated around the outside of the blowhole and not water that entered the whales lungs.
6. The sperm whales brain is more than 5 times the weight of a human brain.
7. The only known natural predator to the sperm whale is a pack of killer whales. Although these attacks are rare they have been observed in the wild.
8. Sperm whales are known to produce ambergris (whale vomit) which has been used to create perfumes and expensive high-end scents.
9. During deep dives the sperm whale can hold its breath for up to 90 minutes!
10. These marine mammals inhale/exhale an average of 3 – 7 times per minute depending on how active they’ve been.

- WhaleFacts.org

Brand New 2018 Edition Print.
Exactly the same size as the original drawing A3 / 297 x 420 mm / 11.7 x 16.5 in

All prints are the exact reproduction of the original artworks, you can still see the original pencil strokes. They come from a local professional printing company, printed on extra heavyweight 250 g/m2 matte paper. This particular print is printed on recycled paper so you will see tiny markings left by the nature of the recycled paper. The paper also feels like the original drawing paper I used making it a perfect exact copy.

To keep your print in its pristine condition it’s best to frame it as soon as possible. Once removed from the protective sleeve, please handle at the edges only and try to avoid the ink especially the blacks. Carefully unroll and flatten your print for best results. Once it’s framed please keep them away from direct sunlight as they tend to fade that way.

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