Achievements and Conservation

  • Official Ferris Wheel Press brand Ambassador since 2023.
  • Worked on collaborations with different marine charity groups such as the Oceanic Society, America’s oldest non-profit organisation dedicated to ocean conservation.
  • Donated my work for marine conservation efforts including the Scottish Seabird Centre located by the Bass Rock which supports the world’s largest colony of northern gannets.
  • Produced colouring sheets for Shark4Kids, a shark education program for young children.
  • Been invited as the guest artist for the EAS Art Therapy Thursday challenge taking place on the social media platform of the Edinburgh Art Shop.
  • Organised private exhibitions to showcase my work in Hungary.

I am happy to donate my work to marine conservation societies in order to raise awareness and help protect the oceans together. I am available for further projects, please get in touch in the Contact section if you are interested.

The Albatross Project - my collaboration with the Oceanic Society. Read more here:
Raising awareness through beauty

Created colouring sheets for Sharks4Kids:

Great White Coloring Sheet

Epaulette Shark Coloring Sheet


Proudly supporting the following societies:

Oceanic Society

Marine Conservation Society UK