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Welcome to the Summer Heritage Blog

The Heritage Collection was inspired by the works of my great grandmothers. Makra Ilona (on the left) on my mother's side and Giran Anna (on the right) on my father's side.

It all started in 2021 when I inherited embroidery pieces from both of them. I was thinking how beautiful they were and how much I wanted to preserve them for the future. All I wanted is to draw them. So I started my journey.

I love where I live. There's this beautiful meadow in front of our house. I was gazing at it from the window as I always do but one day I looked outside and noticed something red in the distance. I went up there and found some poppies and I was thinking that it's no coincidance that the same flowers I have on those embroidery pieces are now right in front of my house. So I started to document everything and taking photos as well.

Wandering up here makes me feel so happy. I forget about the worries of the world as I'm looking at the flowers and the tiny wonders of this beautiful place.

As time goes by more and more flowers appear and start to open. It's a burst of life.

There's not enough time spent up here now. I can hardly keep up with them. I'm taking photos almost every day.

The poppies came out first.

Found some rare Pink Yarrow flowers up here. They are wonderful herbs if you know how to use them.

More flowers are coming to life. Poppies, Cornflowers and Chamomiles.

I feel so inspired by the surrounding flowers everywhere, I spend a lot of time making new drawings. 

An abundance of life.

Finally the Thistles are out too. They are the Scottish national flowers. You will find them on coins, flags and other symbols through history. 

Chamomiles are one of my favourites.

After the flowers came the wildlife.

Moths appeared like these Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet.

... and in great numbers.

The meadow is in full bloom now, anywhere I look, flowers and wildlife everywhere.

The sun is setting, I can see it in the golden grass.

I find more and more thistles in the golden sunlight.

Thistles, Chamomiles, Yarrow flowers and blue skies.

Found a sinlge Corn Marigold flower.

Looking across the fields I see endless golden grass.

The sun has set on the Ox-eye Daisies too.

After the sunset the light has changed and I just needed to be out there.

Everything has turned purple, one of my favourite colour.

So I dance under the moon and forget about the worries of the world.

Poppies light up in the darkness with their bright red colour.

One last dance under the pink skies.

The last glimpse of the deep purple meadow before darkness comes.

July 2022