Fossil Shark Teeth Collection Recycled Paper Fine Art Print Extra Heavyweight Matte

Fossil Shark Teeth Collection Recycled Paper Fine Art Print Extra Heavyweight Matte

Fossil Shark Teeth Collection

Fossil collecting is a fascinating hobby which has grown considerably in popularity over the last few decades. It’s appeal is understandable: it combines the excitement of discovery with the practical skills of collecting and preparing specimens, and the academic challenge of identifying fossil finds. There are a few other branches of science in which a beginner can make serious contribution to the knowledge of our planet’s remarkable prehistory. - DK Fossils

The size, shape and arrangement of sharks’ teeth have been used to distinguish between different species since the earliest documented taxonomic studies of sharks. Different to the forms are associated with catching and eating different pray animals: sharks that bite chunks out of very large pray need big serrated teeth, catching small slippery fishes and squid is easier with needle-like teeth, and crunching hard-shelled animals require flat tooth plates. - Sharks of the World

On this illustration you can find the following Sharks clockwise:
Megalodon Shark, Sandtiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark, Shortfin Mako Shark, Goblin Shark, Common Thresher Shark, Great White Shark, Lemon Shark

Brand New 2018 Edition Print.
Exactly the same size as the original drawing A3 / 297 x 297 mm / 11.7 x 11.7 in

All prints are the exact reproduction of the original artworks, you can still see the original pencil strokes. They come from a local professional printing company, printed on extra heavyweight 250 g/m2 matte paper. This particular print is printed on recycled paper so you will see tiny markings left by the nature of the recycled paper. The paper also feels like the original drawing paper I used making it a perfect exact copy.

For easy framing IKEA has a great range of square shape frames or the easiest is probably a vinyl record frame it’s approximately the same size.

To keep your print in its pristine condition it’s best to frame it as soon as possible. Once removed from the protective sleeve, please handle at the edges only and try to avoid the ink especially the blacks. Carefully unroll and flatten your print for best results. Once it’s framed please keep them away from direct sunlight as they tend to fade that way.

All prints are printed on demand so please allow 2 weeks maximum to prepare your order for postage. I will of course send them out as soon as possible.

All orders are sent out in postal tubes due to their sizes and most importantly for protection. This way the prints are compact, easy to post and affordable.

Please allow at least 2 weeks (up to 6 weeks in rare cases) to receive your order. Customers are also responsible for customs costs (Duty Taxes). Please check these before ordering as they vary in each country, also it’s illegal to send merchandise items as gifts.

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