My Art Journey

Welcome to My Art Journey.

I remember that night when I grabbed a pen and started sketching. That was the moment when I realized I would like to do art so with the guidance of my father I started drawing. I wanted to share this journey in the hope to inspire others to start creating like I did back then.

My first ever drawing dated 23. 05. 2012.

After my dad gave me some tips, this is the same drawing attempt the next day. 24. 05. 2012.

5 years later in my style at the time I reattempted my flying bat. 10. 05. 2017.

10 years later and this officially became the bat challenge. Done in my favourite style, the negative technique.

Monarch Butterfly. My first ever coloured pencil drawing 14. 06. 2014. 

The Monarch Butterfly recreated 10 years later. 

Red-Eyed Tree Frog 28. 05. 2012. (on left)
18. 05. 2017. (on right) 5 years later.

Top Owl - 09. 08. 2013.
Middle Owl - 17. 11. 2016.
Bottom Owl - 07. 07. 2019.